Hours from Friday 6th August 2021

During this lockdown time, come by for a quick trip to pick up some comforting food to takeaway.  Shop & Go style! We have great toasties, wraps, carrot cake and pastries, plus coffee, hot chocolate and local wine and cider if you need it! Sure do!

Our freezer is now stocked with our much-loved Pork and Veal Lasagna, Massaman Beef Curry and our Thai Chicken Curry. Plus, our delish vegetarian soups and vegetarian lasagna to-go starting from $12 but be quick, so you don’t miss out on your favourite to-go meal.  We aim to replenish the freezer daily.

The ice cream cabinet is stocked for a sweet spot moment, and our shelves are lined with those grocery emergencies to get you through the week.

If you need anything, please feel free to give us a call. We will be here from 9 am to 1 pm until the lockdown ends. This Friday night dinner has been cancelled, so fingers crossed for next Friday – fingers and legs are now crossed! For now, stay safe, and we already miss hanging out with you all.

COVID safe at GNTP and don’t forget to check-in, check-out, masks on and social distance at all times! See our full COVID policy here.

Remember, it’s SHOP & GO home…..